Insurance policy

Insurance policy


The amount of insurance is the maximum amount for which a tourist is insured. The price will depend on the basic amount of insurance. It usually starts at $30,000 (or 30,000). Israel is an expensive country, so it is recommended to insure at least $50,000 (or $50,000).

A franchise is a money limit within which a tourist pays his own expenses. That is, if the franchise is $200, all expenses for the doctor and medicine within this amount are paid by the insured. A policy is better to buy with a zero franchise, though it will slightly increase the cost of insurance.

Assistants (assistance) is a service company that organizes medical assistance abroad. That is, it is not so important in which company the tourist has purchased the insurance policy, the service company (assistants) with which the insurance company works specifically in Israel. It is the assistance that determines the integrity of the provision of medical care abroad. Before you buy insurance in Israel, check online reviews of the quality of service provided by the assistants in the country.

The danger of terrorism - when buying a tourist’s health insurance in Israel, some insurance companies recommend including the possibility of assistance in terrorist attacks. Adding this option increases the cost of insurance in Israel. However, under the Israeli law «On benefits to victims of hostile acts» of 1970, in the event of a terrorist attack, the State of Israel assumes all costs of the victim in consequence of terrorist acts, including in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Therefore, it is not necessary to include «assistance in the result of terrorist acts» in the travel insurance.

Sports and recreation - this point should be marked if the tourist plans to engage in surfing, kiting, diving and other sporting pursuits.

Emergency dental care - this facility is often already included in the cost If not, then it is still recommended to add this option.

By comparison, basic health insurance in Israel for 10 days is equal to the cost of one portion of an Israeli shawarma.


  • A medical call.
  • Outpatient treatment.
  • Reimbursement for prescription drugs.
  • Transport to a doctor or hospital.
  • Stay and treatment in hospital.
  • Medical transport from abroad.
  • Reimbursement for telephone calls to the service center.
  • Repatriation in case of death.

Any citizen (not an Israeli) travelling to Israel can buy online health insurance for tourism purposes. Some insurance companies offer tourist health insurance to Israel, even if you are already abroad. In such a case, the validity of the policy can only begin in 1-5 days depending on the insurance. For example, insurance «All-Alphace Insurance» can be used on the next day, and «Liberty» on the fifth day.
In general, there is no problem or obstacle to buy insurance in Israel in a matter of minutes, high quality, at the most advantageous prices.

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