Diving in the Mediterranean

Diving in the Mediterranean

The northern part of the Israeli coast is rocky, with large sand on the bottom, which settles quickly after being stirred by storms. It is not surprising that visibility and diving in general here are simply magnificent, especially from autumn to spring. Divers will meet marine life typical of rocky Mediterranean coasts, including octopus, sponges, sea urchins, crabs and small fish, but of course, it will be wise to follow the advice of local dive guides.

Achziv Canyon
The canyon starts at a depth of about 10 meters and reaches a depth of 30 meters. Divers can see the walls covered with sponges and colonies of soft corals, as well as rays, sea turtles and larger fish.

Grottos Rosh Ha Nikra
Waves and currents drove through soft Cretaceous cliffs and rocks many unique grottos and caves - this is the RoshHaNikra Reserve. Because of the proximity to the border divers need to obtain permission from the Israeli Navy and dive accompanied by guides. You will want to climb a steep cable car to see the caves on the high cliffs.

Swim through the remains of the breakwater, which is more than 2000 years old, inspect the «negatives», the remnants of the wooden frame, which was used by ancient engineers for the construction of the breakwater, Close up the massive base of the watchtowers at the entrance to the harbour and the collection of anchors from different eras.

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