Transfer and escort

«Always arrange your transportation from the airport to your hotel before your plane takes off. You can waste a lot of time and money stuck at airport with a beat-up taxi as your only option.Plan ahead.»
Donald j. Tramp

The price will not change if the flight is delayed


Cars of different types


Personal English speaking driver


Wi-Fi in the car


Help with luggage


Assistance with hotel check-in


We work 24/7


Child seats in cars


Any form of payment

Included in the transfer price:

  • operation transport
  • fuel
  • driver
  • all taxes, commissions and fees
  • delivery to destination
  • places for luggage

Transfer cost:

transfer to/from Ben Gurion Airport - Tel Aviv


from 55 $

or crossover

from 65 $


from 140 $

travel around the country with a personal driver

Daily car rental

from $ 300/day

Hourly car rental

from $ 50/day.

We will provide you with comfortable, fast and reliable travel to any place in Israel!

Transfer from / to the airport - convenient, affordable, reliable.

Transfer to the classic tourist places of the country (Jerusalem, Haifa, Dead Sea) - affordable, convenient, not boring.

Transfer to places «not from the guidebook» - unusual, atmospheric, comfortable. Non-standard routes where group tours are not taken.

In addition to the car and driver, the company can provide a guide, as well as armed guards.

Discount 10%

when ordering the «personal driver» option for 3 days, for any other services