to approach Eilat at sunset. The air is warm and dry, the royal mountains of Jordan, in the east, are painted red, and the waters of the bay are a mixture of dark blue and pink. Everything looks like the painting of a lovesick impressionist ...

from 1437 $ 11 days/10 nights

The tour price depends on the number of guests, dates and duration of the tour, season, selected hotels, and room category.

Tour price includes

4 nights hotel in Tel Aviv (BB - breakfast)
6 nights in hotel in Eilat (BB - breakfast)
Flight Eilat - Tel Aviv.
3-day tours with personal guide (car service, driver and guide):
Tel Aviv, Jaffa - 1 day
The Eternal City of Jerusalem - 1 Day
The Jewish Desert and the Dead Sea - 1 day
3 transfers:
a P Ben Gurion - Tel Aviv
The Dead Sea - Eilat
Transfer from the airport domestic flights (Sdey Dov airport or Terminal 1 Ben Gurion airport) to the international terminal.
tickets to the funicular and entrance to the Masada Fortress
meeting and seeing off at Ben Gurion Airport arrive/departure

Tour price does not include

Airline tickets
Food during excursions
Paid entries to tourist attractions/museums/parks during excursions

Tour program

Full program
  • Day 1Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Evening Tel Aviv and dinner in the old port.
  • Day 2Tel Aviv and the ancient port of Jaffa. Neve-Tsedek, Promenade, White City, Underground Archaeological Museum, Three-tier Tower «with watches» Gamida Flea Market, Desire Bridge. Evening program to your liking
  • Day 3The eternal city of Jerusalem with its famous temples - Church of the Passions of the Lord and Temple of the Assumption of the Virgin, Mount of Olives, Gethsemane Garden, Via Dolorosa, Temple of the Holy Sepulcher, Calvary - the burial place of Jesus. Wailing Wall, Golden Dome of the Rock, Ein Karem and Bethlehem.
  • Day fourСвободный день. Пляжный отдых и купание на Средиземном море. Вечерняя программа.
  • Day 5Monastery of St. George Hozevit, Kumran (Dead Sea scrolls), Masada fortress, salt pillars of Sodom and Gomorrah. Stop on the Dead Sea. Transfer to Eilat, check in at the hotel.
  • Day 6-10Beach holiday. Swimming on the Red Sea. Underwater Observatory - Aquarium of the Red Sea, Dolphinarium, Timna Park, yachting, diving, travel to Petra - these and other options will be offered to your attention.
  • Day 11Flight to Tel Aviv. Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport International Terminal. Return.
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Day 1

Tel Aviv arrives

at least 7 flights per day Aeroflot, El-AL and other air carriers.
Flight time is - 3:45-4:00.

Our representative will meet you at the exit from the clean area and escort you to a comfortable car (minibus), which for 30 minutes will take you to your hotel in Tel Aviv.
In the evening - dinner in the Old Port, the favorite place of the Tel Aviv Boardwalk residents, and the center of the best city restaurants.

A more detailed description of excursion options can be found in the section Attractions


meet you at the exit of the plane, help you quickly pass the border formalities and get luggage. Details - Useful links at the bottom of the page.

Day 2

Acquaintance with the City

After breakfast, we will go to the business capital of Israel Tel Aviv («Hill of spring»). Lonely Planet included Tel Aviv in the list of «10 best cities for travel». Rich cultural life, unique architecture, world famous nightlife, friendly informal atmosphere and excellent beaches are waiting for you.

Visit the ancient port of Jaffa, founded about 4000 years ago (according to legend - son of Noah, Jaffet), and operating until 1965. These walls still remember Perseus, who saved here Andromeda, with the cunning and severed head of the Medusa-Gorgon, the Old Testament prophets, the ships of Solomon or the stern conquerors of the world - Alexander the Great, Richard the Lionheart and Napoleon...
For the record, gourmets - Jaffa is also proud of the beautiful fish restaurants, located right in the port, and offering with a knife the freshest seafood, caught at dawn by fishermen.
In Tel Aviv, many secluded corners for walks, for example - go to Neve Tzedek - Tel Aviv island of the 30s, a kind of local Montmartre, with cafes and restaurants, art galleries. Also worthy of note is a spacious and renovated promenade with 13 unique beaches. On the promenade you can just walk or ride along the «green» path along the sea on a bike. Walk in the center of the city - July 3, 2003 UNESCO added the center of Tel Aviv - the so-called «White City» - in the list of architectural monuments. There is the world’s highest concentration of houses built in the "bauhaus" style (4000). In addition, in Tel Aviv, there are unique buildings in the styles of Arabeska and Art Deco (times 1918-30), as well as in the International Style (30s and early 40s), which defined in due time the ultramodern look of the city.

In the evening - a free program, which we will make together with you. You will find an unprecedented amount of entertainment for every taste. Opera and ballet performances at the Tel-Aviv Opera House, classical music concerts, as well as performances of international and Russian pop stars in the hall «Gehal a-Tarbut», theatrical meetings at the theater «Gesher» and dance festivals at the Art Center «Susan Dalal». In addition, Tel Aviv is not only a hub of finance, fashion, industry and trade in Israel, but also an entertainment center with an unimaginable number of cafes and restaurants per square meter sidewalk, and clubs open until dawn... It is no coincidence that the newspaper "New York Times" proclaimed Tel Aviv "the capital of the Mediterranean high» ....
Acquaintance with the City Acquaintance with the City


Air trip over the coast. From the height of the bird’s flight, you will discover breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv and its embankment, the seaside cities of Jaffa, Bath Yam, Holon, Rishon le Zion


a sailing yacht, with the opportunity to admire the evening view and night lights of Tel Aviv, to drive a yacht, swim in the open sea, listen to pleasant music and chat over a glass of cold beer or wine.

Day 3


To someone sweet sound «Yerushalaim» will remind the novels of Bulgakov or Lazarchuk, someone will hear a song from «Assa» in his head, or a picture of praying at the Wall of Lament of Hasid will appear... It is impossible to understand the significance of Jerusalem without having lived here for years, but the attraction of the Eternal City, bordering on the miracle, is felt from the first steps of the pilgrim.

In our program - visits to the famous Jerusalem temples - the church of Ascension with the bell tower in the name of John the Baptist, («Russian Candle»), and the Russian Orthodox Orthodox Olive Monastery, as well as the church of Holy Equal Apostles Mary Magdalene, with characteristic Moscow maces and kokoshniks. Next to it, in the rock, at the entrance of the Gethsemane Garden, there is the greatest Christian shrine - the underground tomb of the Virgin Mary - the Dormition Church of the Blessed Virgin, and the Russian Gethsemane Convent.
On the Mount of Olives (Mount of Olives), Christ liked to gather with his disciples, so that almost the entire western slope of the Mount of Olives is occupied with Christian relics. The Temple of the Passion of Christ (Church of All Nations) in the Garden of Gethsemane is the place of Prayer for the Cup and the Arrest of Christ.They came to a village called Gethsemane, and He said to His disciples, sit here while I pray».(Mark 14:32). According to legend, the ancient olives standing in the monastery garden are witnesses to these events. Here begins the Via Dolorosa (The Way of the Cross)«And dressed Him in His clothes and led Him to the Crucifixion» (Matthew 27:31). We will pass through the Armenian quarter and the Arab market to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre - to the Frontal Place (Golgotha).
Then we will examine the Wailing Wall - a sacred place for any Jew. Right above it - Kubbat as- Sahra, the golden dome of the Rock, built on the ruins of the Temple of Tsar Solomon. Inside the dome is a ledge of rock from which, according to legend, the prophet Muhammad made a mirage - an ascension to heaven to meet the Supreme. Be sure to look at the Russian Compound - in one of the oldest districts in the center of Jerusalem, near the Old City. Moscow Square appeared on the map of Jerusalem in the mid-1990s. And, of course, its main decoration - Trinity Cathedral. Further our way lies in Ein Karem - a picturesque place, which stretches at the foot of Mount Ora in the Judean Mountains on the western slopes of Jerusalem, where above the place of birth of John the Baptist there is a Russian Orthodox Goren monastery.
Will complete (optional) the Jerusalem program, the trip to the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem (Hebrew: Bethlehem - «Bethlehem» - «House of Bread»), where the midnight Christmas service takes place. The Basilica was built in the 6th century above the birthplace of Jesus, and is the oldest functioning Orthodox Church in the Holy Land.


Underground Jerusalem - the ancient streets of Yerushalaim from the second temple, the Hizkiyahu tunnel, underground halls, and ritual pools. The foundation of the Temple Mount, the city of the times of King Herod and the quarry of King Solomon, the Tomb of King David and many more, hidden from sight...


The Necropolis of Jerusalem are the burial caves of the 8th century BC and the descent into the fiery Gehena, where the words of the ancient prophets are inscribed. The true «nave of the Earth» opposite the cave of the Holy Sepulcher, as well as scrolls from the Kumran caves, exhibited in the Temple of books. Want to know why the privilege of being buried on the Mount of Olives is worth a million dollars? We will tell you and show you...


The roofs of the Old City. The route «The Seven Mysteries of Jerusalem», from the time of the First Temple to our time. Cardo - a restored street of the Roman period. A unique walk on the roofs of the Eternal City combined with stories from the Jewish life in ancient times.

Day four

City without stopping

Rest and swimming in the Mediterranean. Further acquaintance with the city. We will tell in advance, where you can tasty and inexpensive pamper yourself with Mediterranean delicacies, what to visit shopping centers and galleries, report the program of clubs on the coast, which regularly organize beach parties until the morning with a stunning view of the sea in the light of stars. Not for nothing Tel Aviv is called a city that never sleeps, or a city without a stop...

Additional excursions can be booked, including Journey through Christian Galilee
Armageddon Valley. Nazareth: The Temple of the Annunciation. The village of Cannes of Galilee. The Jordan River is a place of baptism. Kinneret, Tiberias. Mount of Beatitudes (place of the Sermon on the Mount). Tabha - Temple of the Multiplication of Bread and Fish,
or - a tour of the wineries of Galilee, with a tasting of unique cheeses from a private butter mill and a visit to a boutique chocolate factory,
or - a boat ride to Caesarea, on the shore of the sea, between the mouth of the Crocodile Creek and the Khader River, where the «Grail Bowl» was discovered, from which Jesus drank during the Last Supper, with a visit to the ancient port, the hippodrome and the Roman amphitheater...

Evening program to your liking.
City without stopping


to see the Bahai Gardens in Haifa - a unique architectural and garden complex, striking its beauty, and to visit Acre - listed by UNESCO, as a unique on the safety of the city of the Crusaders...

Day 5

The Deserts. Journey through the Judean desert to the Dead Sea.

In the morning, we will begin to descend the Negev Desert, to the lowest point on the planet.
On the funicular we shall rise in the ancient fortress of Masada (palace of tsar Herod), last stronghold of zealots who rebelled against Roman legions, whose siege is described by Joseph Flavius in «Judean war».
Crossing the Judean desert, on the endless paths of which Moses led his people for 40 years, at the mark «0 meters» above sea level we will see a panorama of the monastery of St. George (the beginning of Christian monasticism).
Down to the center of the Earth - we are in Qumran - the center of the Essenic community, where the most important archaeological find of mankind, the Dead Sea Scrolls or Cumran manuscripts was made.
At noon, we will be rounding the salt pillars of Sodom and Gomorrah, we will find ourselves in the lowest place on earth land (416 m below sea level)...

The Dead Sea once served as a sanctuary for King David. Later, near the winter palace of Herod the Great, the first resort in world history was built here, and it was here, in biblical times, mined the basics of balms for the mummification of the Egyptian pharaohs.
According to the decoded papyri, the clay extracts brought from the area are part of Cleopatra’s beauty secret.
Low humidity, absence of pollen and other allergens, glorified sulfide mud with a high content of hormone-like substances, rich in organic components and minerals sea water, Thermal Mineral Hot Springs - it is this amazing cocktail that has a beneficial effect on health and makes the Dead Sea unique.

Having rested on the tender waters of the Dead Sea 1.5 -2 hours, we will head to the shores of the Red Sea.
Accommodation in a hotel in Eilat, rest.
The Deserts. Journey through the Judean desert to the Dead Sea. The Deserts. Journey through the Judean desert to the Dead Sea.


the fortress of Herodion in the Judean desert. Behind the double 20-meter walls - a palace with large halls, inner courtyards and baths. All around - many gardens, water was brought here by aqueduct from Solomon’s Basins near Bethlehem...

Day 6-10

Rest on the Red Sea coast.

Free days.

Rest and swimming on the Red Sea in Eilat, an ancient city known since the reign of Solomon,
and now - a duty-free zone, one of the largest resorts on the Red Sea international level.

At your service - impeccable comfort and service in snow-white modern hotels, located a
stone’s throw from the sea, in numerous restaurants, bars, nightclubs and discos.

Even in winter, the air temperature here does not fall below 23 degrees, and the water
temperature - 22 degrees.

Underwater Observatory - Red Sea Aquarium, Dolphinarium, Timna Park, yachting, diving -
these and other options will be offered to your attention.

Also, from Eilat you can go on fascinating excursions and safaris in jeeps and camels to the
Negev desert, as well as go to Petra (Jordan).
Rest on the Red Sea coast. Rest on the Red Sea coast.

Day 11

Flight to Tel Aviv. Return.

Individual transfer to Uvda airport, flight to Tel Aviv.

Individual transfer to Ben Gurion Airport International Terminal.

Flight home.
Flight to Tel Aviv. Return.
Getting back