Israel and Jordan

Israel and Jordan

Relaxation on the Dead, diving on the Red Sea, archaeological finds of Jordan, from Neolithic to desert-scattered castles of princes... But even for a region so rich in artifacts, Petra is a priceless treasure, the largest diamond in the crown of the Hashemite Kingdom, which has made him famous all over the world.

from 729 $ 11 days/10 nights

The price of the tour depends on the number of guests, dates and duration of the tour, the season, the selected hotels and the category of rooms...

Tour price includes

Program transfers
Hotel on the Dead Sea - 2 nights
Hotel accommodation in Eilat - 2 nights
Hotel accommodation in Tel Aviv - 4 (2+2) nights
Hotel accommodation in Amman - 2 nights
Meals - breakfast (unless otherwise indicated), Dead Sea and Jordan - breakfast and dinner

Tour price does not include

Airline tickets
Meals during guided tours
Entrance fees to tourist attractions/museums/parks during guided tours Insurance
Border charges for crossing both borders, Jordanian visa and Shuttle bus between borders ($125 when boarding a bus)
Border taxes on leaving Israel
Border taxes on departure from Jordan
Moving from the Israeli border to Jordan
Movement from the Jordanian border to Israel

Tour program

Full program
  • FridayMeet at Ben Gurion Airport in the Greeting Hall. Move to the Dead Sea and check-in at the hotel.
  • SaturdayFree day.
  • SundayTransfer to Eilat. hotel accommodation.
  • MondayFree day.
  • TuesdayMove to Tel Aviv. Check in.
  • WednesdayExcursion to Jerusalem on the route «Jerusalem - city of 3 religions»: Mount Zion: tomb of Tsar David and Mine of the Secret Evening. Old city, Wall of Wailing. Panorama of Jerusalem. The Cross Road (last five stops). The Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
  • ThursdayExit from a hotel in Israel to the border with Jordan. Crossing of the Hussein Bridge. Visa and passport control. A excursion to one of the most preserved provincial Roman towns of Jerash, called "Pompeii of the Middle East", for the scale of the excavation and the degree of preservation. In Jerash you can see temple Zeus, temple Artemis, arch Adriana, numerous baths, three theatres, temples, racetrack, squares, fountains and streets. Acquaintance with the capital of Jordan - Amman, which is called "White City" as most of the city’s buildings are built of white limestone. Here you will visit the delightful Citadel next to the Governor’s Palace. Visit the Amman Archaeological Museum, where you can see the famous Dead Sea scrolls.
  • FridayAfter breakfast in a hotel in Amman, a tour to Petru is one of the wonders of the world and the national treasure of Jordan. Walking through the city streets and climbing to steep slopes, you will find hundreds of tombs, temple facades and stone reliefs carved in stone. The ancient 3,000-seat theater, the giant Deir Monastery and the Palace, are preserved in the city. After a tour to Petra, return to the capital Amman. Overnight in the hotel.
  • SaturdayBreakfast at the Amman Hotel. Moving to Madaba (mosaic city) is the main attraction of which is the mosaic Byzantine map of Jerusalem and the Middle East. Then we will make a climb to Mount Nevo, the supposed burial place of the prophet Moses. From the top there is a stunning panorama where, in good weather, you can see the towers of Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea. Move to the Jordanian part of the border Sheikh Hussein, cross the border. Move to a hotel in Tel Aviv, check in.
  • SundayExcursion on the route «Galilee Christian»: Valley Armageddon. Nazareth: Temple of Annunciation. Village of Kanna Galilee. River Jordan is a place of baptism. Kineret, Tiberias. Mountain of Bliss (Place of Mount Sermon). Tabha - Temple of Multiplication of Bread and Fish.
  • MondayCheck-out. Transfer to Ben-Gurion International Terminal. Check-out.
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Meet me at the airport, in the greeting room.

Then, having traveled through the Judean Desert, where for 40 years Moses led his people in search of the promised country, circumventing the salt pillars of Sodom and Gomorrah, we will find ourselves in the lowest place of Earth’s
Once upon a time, the cave at the Dead Sea served as a refuge for King David.

Years passed, near the Winter Palace of Herod the Great was built the first resort in the world history, and, it was here, in biblical times, that were digging the basics of balms for mummification of pharaohs.
According to the decoded papyrus extracts from the clay brought from the area are part of the secret of the beauty of Cleopatra, and of all Egyptian fashionistas, at her court...

A more detailed description of excursion options can be found in the section Attractions



Free day

Relaxation and bathing in the salty sea of the world.

Low humidity, high temperature, absence of pollen and other allergens, glorified mud with high hormone-like content, organics and minerals rich seawater, Thermal Power Springs - this is the most beautiful cocktail that has a healthy effect, and makes the Dead Sea unique.

The sun’s rays, after passing an extra distance to the lowest point of the planet, lose the harmful spectrum of ultraviolet, so you can safely tan all you want without harming the organism. Thanks to a special microclimate filled with mineral evaporations, a kind of "umbrella" of mineral aerosols, it is one of the few places on the ground where it is impossible to burn in the sun.

Free day


The Dead Sea has 330 sunny days a year, with low humidity and little precipitation. The temperature, over the course of the year, is in the range of 16-38 cc C.


Transfer to Eilat

The move to Eilat, an ancient city known since King Solomon.

Today Eilat is a duty-free trade area, one of the largest resorts on the Red Sea of international level.

Even in winter, the air temperature does not drop below 23 degrees and the water temperature is 22 degrees.

At your service are perfect comfort and service in the white and modern hotels situated just a few steps from the sea, in numerous restaurants, bars, nightclubs and discotheques.


In addition to tourists, Eilat Bay is visited by other "visitors" - giant sea turtles, dolphins, and even whale sharks (however, despite giant sizes - up to 18 meters - they do not pose a danger to humans). You can even swim with dolphins.


Free day

Rest and bathing in the Red Sea.

You can go on fascinating excursions and safaris on jeeps and camels in the Negev desert, in Timna Park, otherwise called Kopi King Solomon, simply dive with scuba, or go on night fishing from the yacht.

Free day


Move to Tel Aviv

Moving to Tel Aviv.

Lonely Planet added Tel Aviv to the list of «10 best cities for travel».

A rich cultural programme, unique architecture, informal atmosphere and beautiful beaches are all waiting for you.

We will tell beforehand where to indulge in delicious and inexpensive Mediterranean delicacies, what to visit shopping centres and galleries, inform the program of clubs on the coast, which regularly host beach parties with stunning sea view in the light of the stars...


The reason you can’t be allowed into the club is because the guard doesn’t like you. Girls don’t get in very often. Beautiful girls are always allowed to pass. They are often issued with special cards entitling them to free drinks. A group of young Arabs have almost no chance of getting through. For that, the guard can be fired. Nazism is not here to smell, justified necessity.


Excursion to Jerusalem

The Eternal City of Jerusalem and its famous temples. The Gefsiman Garden. The Stone of the Prayer for the Cup (here Christ prayed to the God-Father to be rid of the suffering; on this place the betrayal of Judas occurred - the arrest of Christ. Nearby in the rock is the greatest Christian shrine - the tomb of the Virgin Mary - the Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin.

Next - holy places for a Christian - Mount of Olives, Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Calvary. Mount Zion with the tomb of the biblical king David.

We’ll visit the Wailing Wall, a sacred place for any Jew. Directly above it - Kubbat al-Sahra, the golden Dome of the Rock, built on the ruins of the Temple of King Solomon. Inside the dome is a cliff from which the prophet Muhammad is said to have made a mirage - an ascension to the heavens to meet the Almighty...


The Wailing Wall consists of 45 rows of masonry, 28 of which are above ground level and 17 below ground. The first seven visible stone rows refer to the period of Herod’s reign, followed by four rows of Omeyad and 14 rows of Ottoman. The wall was built in the 19th B.C. Herod the Great to support the earthen embankment around the Temple. The Wailing Wall is 57 m long, with a height of 19 m (visible part) and 32 m with a foundation.


Exit from a hotel in Israel to the border with Jordan

Crossing the border h/3 Hussein Bridge. On this day we will have an interesting, rich program with the possibility to see ancient and modern sights of Jordan.

The tour will begin with a tour of Amman. It is worth to pay attention to the developed infrastructure of roads with multi-storey bridges and interchanges, luxury areas, luxury, expensive cars...

Having moved to the older districts, we will visit the Citadel, examine the remains of the Temple of Hercules, the Palace of Umeyad with its huge reception hall, and the Byzantine Church. The Jordan Archaeological Museum is also located in the Citadel. Among his exhibits are a remarkable collection of antiquities from prehistoric times up to the 15th century.

The tour of Amman will conclude with a visit to the Royal Museum of Antique Cars. This is a unique collection of King Hussein Abdullah’s 1-over 70 rare models of cars and motorcycles. These include Bentley, Lincoln, Bugati, Cadillacs, Harley Devedson and many others.

Then, after a short move, we will visit the magnificent Roman city of Jarash. Here you will see a triumphal arch, a fortress wall about three and a half kilometers long, an oval forum - an area of spectacular size surrounded on the perimeter by a spectacular colonnade, straight as an arrow, central street. Cardo Maximum, paved with white stone blocks and with a complex drainage system, amphitheatre and theater, accommodating up to 5,000 spectators, Zeus Temple, Nimpheum - Nymph Temple and public fountain, Artemis Temple, considered the patron saint of the city, decorative decorations - Elegant four-sided arches and more...

The ancient Roman city of Gerras is preserved in excellent condition by historical standards, being here it is easy to imagine the citizens of the city strolling along the streets in the shadow of columns and meeting near the fountain to discuss news from the imperial capital.

Exit from a hotel in Israel to the border with Jordan


It is believed that the prophet Moses was buried on the Jordanian mountain of Nevo. During his visit to the Holy Land, Pope John Paul II held a service at the Moses Memorial Temple on Mount Sky, overlooking the Jordan Valley. He then stopped at the top of the mountain, where he saw the same panorama as Moses over 3,000 years ago. After a visit to Jordan, the Pope declared Mount Nebo and four other places of worship in Jordan to be official places of pilgrimage.


In 1965, King Hussein of Jordan exchanged 6,000 square kilometres of desert from Saudi Arabia for 12 kilometres of Red Sea beaches south of Aqaba. Subsequently, oil was found in the part of the desert that Saudi Arabia inherited.


After breakfast at the hotel in Amman, excursion to Petra

A mysterious and unusual cliff town, about which the sages of antiquity found time to write, and which was mentioned in the Bible. It is here that Moses extracted water from the rock, and the local river still bears the name Wadi-Musa, which in translation means «the river Moses». This is the ancient city of Petra in Jordan.

The city of Petra was knocked down in the mountains by ancient nabates that had long controlled trade routes there. After passing a kilometer on a narrow canyon - really beautiful kilometer - we will settle in so-called «Treasury» - huge facade carved from stone. It is a visiting card of Petra, occasionally used as a set by directors of Hollywood blockbusters, in particular, she has appeared in the film «Indiana Jones and the last crusade». The treasure trove appears suddenly, making you stop with your mouth open...

Which for a millennium, travelers do exactly that...


God, in the Book of Genesis, calls the Jordan Valley, around the Dead Sea, «The Garden of God». It is assumed that Eden was here.


If there is snow in Jordan (which is extremely rare) local people may not go to work. The last snowfall in the country was in 2012.


Breakfast at the Amman Hotel

Move to Madaba (mosaic city).

Then the rise to Mount Nevo is the place of Moses' supposed death. From it God has shown 120-year-old Earth the Promised, after many years wandering in the desert.

From Nevo, you can see the panorama of Moses: the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, Jericho and Jerusalem.

For many religious people, this place is considered very important, so there are always many pilgrims and tourists on the mountain...

Crossing the border. Move to a hotel in Tel Aviv.


The men in Jordan must earn 50,000 dinars (about $75,000) for their wedding, and only after that, their mother goes to the neighboring houses in search of a suitable bride. Arab love is addiction. It’s a marriage between two families. Divorce is almost non-existent, as anyone who wants a divorce must leave home, leaving everything, including children, and never come back.


Excursion on the route «Galilee Christian»

Having traveled through the valley of Armageddon, the scene of the last battle of angels and demons, through the Arab village of Kfar Kanna, where Jesus created his first miracle, we will descend to the shores of the Sea of Galilee and arrive at the spiritual center of Yardenit, the place of baptism, where masses of pilgrims flock, to take communion in the holy waters of Jordan.

«Then Jesus comes from Galilee to Jordan to John to be baptized from him» (Matthew 3:13).

The biblical name of the place is Beit Maavar. Here, three and a half thousand years ago, the people of Israel, led by Jesus Naveen, pass through Jordan and enter the Promised Land, after 40 years of wandering.

We shall see the place of the Transfiguration of the Lord - Mount Tavor, and also located northwest of Nazareth - the city where the Annunciation took place, and the childhood and youth of Jesus...

Excursion on the route «Galilee Christian»


Hotel discharge

Transfer to Ben Gurion International Terminal.
Coming back.


In Jordan, there is a special tradition that a guest must refuse food three times before agreeing to sit down.

Getting back