yacht trip

3-6 часов


What better way to enjoy a summer’s day than an evening of cool and sea breeze? The vast sea, the white sail, the gentle breeze...

At night, your journey to the sea will illuminate the starry sky and the Milky Way, and by day, the bright Mediterranean sun. Only on the sea, on board the yacht, can one see from the water the unique sunset of the sun during an evening stroll, and the embankment of Tel Aviv is never as beautiful as in the morning, when the sunrise colors the coastal sand in warm tones.

Enjoy an unforgettable sea walk with evening views and night lights of Tel Aviv and Jaffa, sail, swim in the open sea (swimming on the open sea only until sunset) to listen to pleasant music and to hang out for a glass of cold beer or wine, because whatever time you choose for a walk, a bottle of wine will only make you feel better, won’t it?


a yacht rental run by a professional skipper, wine.
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