WALDORF ASTORIA. Alone with the eternal city

WALDORF ASTORIA. Alone with the eternal city

Live forever or die trying...

from 1662 $ 8 days/7 nights

The tour price depends on the number of guests, dates and duration of the tour, season and room category.

Tour price includes

Individual transfers, meeting and departure. arrival/departure
Accommodation in the hotel WALDORF ASTORIA, Jerusalem - 7 nights;
Meals - breakfast;
Tour of the program. 

Tour price does not include

Food during excursions
Paid entries to tourist attractions/museums/parks during excursions

Tour program

Full program
  • Day 1Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport. Transfer to Jerusalem and check in at the hotel.
  • Day 2-3Independent walks in the old and new quarters of Jerusalem. You can book any additional individual excursions or trips.
  • Day 4«Jerusalem - the city of 3 religions»: Mount Zion: the tomb of King David, and the Chamber of the Last Supper. The Old City, the Wailing Wall. The panorama of Jerusalem. The Cross Path (the last five stops). The Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
  • Day 5-7Free days. It is possible to book any additional individual excursions or trips.
  • Day 8Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport. Return.
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Day 1


from 7 flights per day Aeroflot, El-AL and other air carriers.
Flight time - 3:45-4:00 hours

Tel Aviv is here. Our representative will meet you at the exit from the clean area and will escort you to a comfortable car (minibus) that will take you to your hotel.

Feel the luxury and prestige in the magnificent rooms of Waldorf Astoria, towering majestically above the intersection of the streets of Tsar David, Agron and Mamilla, a short walk from the Jaffa Gate.
It’s an Israeli "Park Avenue" suite in the heart of Jerusalem.
The Waldorf Astoria includes 226 sparkly decorated rooms on ten luxury floors, with state-of- the-art fitness room, two indoor pools.
There is also a full range of spa services, two gourmet restaurants, a spacious balcony bar and a luxurious lobby bar.

In the evening, you will stroll through the streets of Jerusalem and relax in one of the many cafes in the city center.

A more detailed description of excursion options can be found in the section Attractions



meet you at the exit of the plane, help you quickly pass the border formalities and get luggage. Details - Useful links at the bottom of the page.

Day 2-3

Eternal City Streets

Recreation and independent walks in the old and new quarters of Jerusalem. For those wishing to book additional excursions, such as:

Walk on the roofs of the old city (the route «Seven Secrets of Jerusalem», from the time of the First Temple to our time), through the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Cardo Street is a restored Roman-era Jerusalem street.

Underground Jerusalem - Hizkiyahu Tunnel (entrance to the tunnel from the Wailing Wall). The Hasmoneev Tunnel is part of an underground complex of ancient canals supplying water to the Temple under the Western part of the Temple Mount. Here comes to life the siege and capture of the ancient Jebusite city by David, as described in the Bible, the Second Book of Samuel. The underground excursion ends at the Gihon Key, the most important water source of Jerusalem for more than a thousand years - here, according to the description in the Book of Kings, Solomon was anointed to the kingdom.

The Necropolis of Jerusalem are the burial caves of the 8th century BC and the descent into the fiery Gehenna, where the words of the ancient prophets are inscribed. The true «nave of the Earth» opposite the cave of the Holy Sepulcher, as well as scrolls from the Kumran caves, exhibited in the Temple of books. Want to know why the privilege of being buried on the Mount of Olives is worth a million dollars? We will tell you and show you...

Eternal City Streets Eternal City Streets

Day 4

Visiting the Holy Places of Jerusalem

To someone sweet sound «Yerushalaim» will remind the novels of Bulgakov or Lazarchuk, someone will hear a song from «Assa» in his head, or a picture of praying at the Wall of Lament of Hasid will appear...
It is impossible to understand the significance of Jerusalem without having lived here for years, but the attraction of the Eternal City, bordering on the miracle, is felt from the first steps of the pilgrim.

After breakfast, in our program - visiting the famous Jerusalem temples - the church of Ascension with the bell tower in the name of John the Baptist, («Russian Candle»), and the Russian Orthodox Olive Women’s Monastery, as well as the church of Holy Equal Apostles Mary Magdalene, with characteristic Moscow maces and kokoshniks. Next to it, in the rock, at the entrance of the Gethsemane Garden, there is the greatest Christian shrine - the underground tomb of the Virgin Mary - the Dormition Church of the Blessed Virgin, and the Russian Gethsemane Convent.
On the Mount of Olives (Mount of Olives), Christ liked to gather with his disciples, so that almost the entire western slope of the Mount of Olives is occupied with Christian relics. The Temple of the Passion of Christ (Church of All Nations) in the Garden of Gethsemane is the place of Prayer for the Cup and the Arrest of Christ.«They came to a village called Gethsemane, and He said to His disciples, sit here while I pray». (Mark 14:32). According to legend, the ancient olives standing in the monastery garden are witnesses to these events. Here begins the Via Dolorosa (The Cross)...«And dressed Him in His clothes, and led Him to the Crucifixion» (Matthew 27:31)...
We will pass along the Cross Road, through the Armenian quarter and the Arab market, to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher - to the Frontal Place (Golgotha).
Then we will examine the Wailing Wall - a sacred place for any Jew. Right above it - Kubbat as- Sahra, the golden dome of the Rock, built on the ruins of the Temple of Tsar Solomon. Inside the dome is a ledge of rock from which, according to legend, the prophet Muhammad made a mirage - an ascension to heaven to meet the Supreme.
Be sure to look at the Russian Compound - in one of the oldest districts in the center of Jerusalem, near the Old City. Moscow Square appeared on the map of Jerusalem in the mid- 1990s. And, of course, its main decoration - Trinity Cathedral. Further our way lies in Ein Karem - a picturesque place, which stretches at the foot of Mount Ora, in the Judean mountains on the western slopes of Jerusalem, where above the place of birth of John the Baptist, there is a Russian Orthodox Goran monastery.

On request, can complete the Jerusalem program trip to the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem (Hebrew: «Bethlehem» - «House of Bread»), where the midnight Christmas service takes place. The Basilica was built in the 6th century, above the birthplace of Jesus Christ, and is the oldest active Orthodox Church on the Holy Land.

Visiting the Holy Places of Jerusalem Visiting the Holy Places of Jerusalem Visiting the Holy Places of Jerusalem


the fortress of Herodion in the Judean desert. Behind the double 20-meter walls - a palace with large halls, inner courtyards and baths. All around - many gardens, water was brought here by aqueduct from Solomon’s Basins near Bethlehem...

Day 5-7

Free days

Rest and independent walks. Anyone can order additional excursions, Mr.:
A journey through Christian Galilee.
Driving through the Valley of Armageddon (Hebrew - Megiddo Mountain) - the scene of the last battle of angels and demons at the end of time, we will find ourselves in the Arab village of Kfar Kanna, where Jesus created his first miracle: «... And they filled them up to the top. And he says to them, Now draw and bring to the steward of the feast. And they have borne. When the steward tasted water, there was wine...». (John 2:7-8)
Descending to the north shore of the Sea of Galilee, we will arrive at the spiritual center of Giardenite, the place of baptism, where masses of pilgrims flock to communion themselves in the sacred water of the Jordan. «Then Jesus comes from Galilee to Jordan to be baptized by John» (Matthew 3:13). We will see the place of Transfiguration of the Lord - Mount Tavor, and located in 9 km northwest Nazareth - the city where, according to the Gospel, the Annunciation was made and passed the childhood and adolescence of Jesus Christ (hence - «Nazareth» or «Ha-Nopri», that is «resident of the city Nazeret»). Visit the Church of the Annunciation - the largest in the Middle East. Here Archangel Michael informed Virgin Mary of the impending birth of Joshua (Luke 1:26-31).
On the way to the northern edge of the lake, we will have dinner with the fish of St. Peter, or tilapia (the future apostle was a fisherman by profession). The next stop after lunch will be the ruins of Capernaum (in Hebrew - Kfar Naum, «the village of Naum») - home of the first disciples of Christ - apostles Andrew, James, John, as well as the publican (tax inspector) Matthew - the future author of one of the Gospels. «And came to Capernaum, the city of Galilee».(Luke 4:31) There is an Orthodox church of 12 apostles.
And the quiet lagoon of Tabha, lying nearby, served as the stage for many gospel stories, including the miracle of multiplying bread and fish. «He took five loaves and two fish and looked up to heaven, blessed them, broke them, and gave them to the disciples to give to the people»(Luke 9:16).
It was at Capernaum that Jesus preached his teachings, living in the house of Peter, now the seat of the Benedictine Monastery (St. Peter’s Church).

Free days


A tour of the wineries of Galilee, tasting unique cheeses from a private butter mill and visiting a boutique chocolate factory.


Safed is the center of the Kabalah, or Jewish mysticism. The birthplace of the KLYAZMER is the forerunner of medieval troubadours. Probably the best art galleries in Israel.


Trip to the National Bird Sanctuary Hula (Upper Galilee), north of Kinneret - a unique corner of wildlife, the 2nd place in the world in terms of the number of stopping of migratory birds.

Day 8


Transfer to the airport from the hotel.
Getting back.


Beach holidays in Eilat, an ancient city known since the time of Tsar Solomon, and now - a duty- free zone, one of the largest resorts on the Red Sea international level, or at the resorts of the Mediterranean in Tel Aviv/Netanya/ Herzliya - in any hotel of choice.

Getting back