History and modernity

History and modernity

An ideal holiday on the Israeli Riviera and excursions to the holy sites of world religions, beach entertainment on the Red Sea, combined with trips to national parks and a variety of attractions ... The details are below.

from 773 $ 11 days/10 nights

The tour price depends on the number of guests, dates and duration of the tour, season, selected hotels, and room category.

Tour price includes

Group transfers on the program
Individual transfer from the airport domestic flights (Sday-Dov airport or Terminal 1 Ben-Gurion airport) to the international terminal.
Hotel accommodation in Natanya - 4 nights;
Hotel accommodation in Eilat - 6 nights;
Flight to Tel Aviv;
Meals - breakfast (unless otherwise specified)

Tour price does not include

Airline tickets
Food during excursions
Paid entries to tourist attractions/museums/parks during excursions

Tour program

Full program
  • Day 1Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport. Transfer to Natanya and check in at the hotel.
  • Day 2Free day. For those wishing, you can order a half-day sightseeing tour along the route «Tel Aviv/ Jaffa/ IDC» for $ 15 per person.
  • Day 3Excursion to the north of the country on one of the routes, for example, «Galilee Christian»: Valley Armageddon. Nazareth: The Temple of the Annunciation. The village of Cannes of Galilee. The Jordan River is a place of baptism. Kinneret, Tiberias. Mount of Bliss (place of the Sermon on the Mount). Tabha - Temple of Multiplying Bread and Fish.
  • Day 4Excursion to Jerusalem on one of the routes, for example, «Jerusalem - the city of the Three Religions»: Mount Zion: Tomb of King David, and Chamber of the Last Supper. Old City, Wailing Wall. Panorama of Jerusalem. Cross Path (five last stops). Temple of the Holy Sepulchre.
  • Day 5Transfer to Eilat, check in at the hotel.
  • Day 6-10Free day. Rest and swimming on the Red Sea. Underwater Observatory - Aquarium of the Red Sea, Dolphinarium, Timna Park, yachting, diving, travel to Petra - these and other options will be offered to the tourist.
  • Day 11Flight to Tel Aviv. Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport International Terminal. Departure.
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Day 1

Airport arrival

Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport in the reception hall.

Moving to Netanya is one of the most wonderful resorts in the Mediterranean.
It is here that a significant part of the Russian-speaking population lives, so tourists, charmed by the incredible beauty of the city and the welcoming reception of residents, do not have any problems in communication.

The beach line in Netanya is about 13 km. It includes 8 moderns, fully equipped with the necessary infrastructure beaches.
For lovers of privacy perfectly suited semi-wild beach.
Extreme recreation includes all kinds of water entertainment (diving, renting various types of water transport) and land (jeep racing, paintball).

A more detailed description of excursion options can be found in the section Attractions

Airport arrival

Day 2

Free day

Rest and swimming in the Mediterranean. Acquaintance with the city. We will tell in advance, where you can tasty and inexpensive pamper yourself with Mediterranean delicacies, what to visit shopping centers and galleries, report the program of clubs on the coast, which regularly host beach parties with stunning sea views in the light of the stars...
It is possible to order a half-day sightseeing tour along the route «Tel Aviv/ Jaffa/ IDC».
You are waiting for: Neve-Tsedek, Promenade, White City, Underground Archaeological Museum, Three-tier Tower «clock» Gamida, Flea Market, Dream Bridge, and - Israeli International Diamond Exchange - the most protected place in Tel Aviv.
On the fifty floors of the three buildings are moved, stored in safes, bought and sold the rarest, largest and most expensive stones in the world. Here diamonds are selected for the best European jewellery houses, valuing uncut diamonds, and making multimillion-dollar deals...


Israel has no official borders and no constitution. Its capital is Jerusalem, but all state, political and business meetings are held in Tel Aviv.


Tel Aviv is similar to Manhattan, Berdichev and Ibiza at the same time. If you want, you can find a piece of Paris and a fragment of Casablanca. In the summer of 2008, the "New York Times" newspaper proclaimed Tel Aviv "the capital of the Mediterranean high».

Day 3

Northern Tour

After passing through the Valley of Armageddon, the scene of the last battle of angels and demons, through the Arab village of Kfar Canna, where Jesus performed his first miracle, we will descend to the shore of the Sea of Galilee and arrive in Giardenit - the place of baptism.
«Then Jesus comes from Galilee to Jordan to be baptized by John» (Matthew 3:13).
And here, three and a half thousand years ago, the people of Israel, led by Joshua Nun, forded through the Jordan River, and entered the Promised Land, after the Forty Years' Wandering in the wilderness.
We will see the place of the Transfiguration of the Lord - Mount Tavor, as well as Nazareth - the city where the Annunciation was celebrated and passed the childhood and youth of Jesus.

Northern Tour

Day 4

Jerusalem Tour

The eternal city of Jerusalem and its famous temples. The Garden of Gethsemane. The Stone of Supplication for the Cup (here Christ prayed to God the Father for deliverance from suffering; in this place the betrayal of Judas - the arrest of Christ - took place).

Nearby, in the rock - the greatest Christian shrine - the underground tomb of the Virgin Mary - the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. Next - sacred places for the Christian - Mount of Olives, Via Dolorosa, Temple of the Holy Sepulchre, Golgotha. Mount Zion with the tomb of the biblical Tsar David.

We will go to the Wailing Wall - a sacred place for any Jew. Right above it - Kubbat as-Sahra, the golden dome of the Rock, built on the ruins of the Temple of Tsar Solomon. Inside the dome is a ledge of a rock from which, according to legend, the prophet Muhammad made a mirage - an ascension to heaven to meet the Supreme...


The Old City refers to the historical part of Jerusalem, surrounded by a fortress wall. All historical events took place here, and there are sacred sites of three world religions.


The name «Gethsemania» is the Greek pronunciation of the Hebrew word «gat shemen» - oilfield. What is left now in Gethsemane is only a part of a giant garden that grew almost all over the Mount of Olives. Here Jesus spent the last hours of his earthly life.

Day 5

Moving to Eilat

Transfer to Eilat, an ancient city known since the reign of King Solomon. Today Eilat is a duty- free zone, one of the largest resorts on the Red Sea international level.
Even in winter, the air temperature here does not fall below 23 degrees, and the water temperature - 22 degrees.
At your service - impeccable comfort and service in snow-white modern hotels, located a stone’s throw from the sea, in numerous restaurants, bars, nightclubs and discos.


Eilat Bay, in addition to tourists, visit other "guests" - giant sea turtles, dolphins, and even whale sharks (despite the giant size - up to 18 meters - they are not dangerous to humans). You can even swim with bottlenose dolphins.

Day 6-10

Free day

Rest and swimming on the Red Sea.

You can go on fascinating excursions and safari on jeeps and camels in the Negev desert, take a walk in Timna Park, better known as the mines of King Solomon, or just diving with scuba diving.
Also, among the possible options - go night fishing from the yacht, go to Petra (Jordan), as well as many other, a variety of entertainment.

Free day

Day 11

Flight to Tel Aviv

Flight to Tel Aviv.
You will be provided with an individual transfer from the airport domestic flights (Sday-Dov airport or Terminal 1 Ben-Gurion airport) to the international terminal.

Getting back.


Israel is a multi-ethnic state. In the passport of an Israeli, in the column «nationality», is written.

Getting back