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In search of amazing underwater attractions, many travelers go to Israel, because it is here that one of the most ancient cities on the planet flooded is located.
The age of the ruins of Atlit-Yam, according to modern scholars, is not less than 9,000 years.
There are ruins in the coastal area of Haifa. Scientists have learned that thousands of years ago, they were a fairly large and prosperous village.

The unique granulated bottom of the coastal area of Haifa has allowed thousands of years of buildings to be preserved. The degree of «preservation» of the flooded city is so high that explorers have managed to find on its territory a fully preserved ancient cemetery, and on the place of residential buildings insects were discovered, which annoyed the inhabitants of the village thousands of years ago.

The main mystery of the ruins of Atlit Yam remains the cause of their flooding. Many scholars believe that the village has gradually become submerged due to the melting of glaciers and the expansion of the oceans, while others are leaning towards the sudden tsunami version.
Given that the underwater artifact was discovered only recently - in 1984 - and that its exploration is at an early stage, many important discoveries lie ahead of scientists.

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