Agmon Ahula Nature Reserve

1 day tour


Hula National Bird Sanctuary is located in the Hula Valley (Upper Galilee), north of Lake Kinneret, near Kiryat Shmona.
Agmon Ahula is one of the main stop and rest points of millions of migratory birds, from north to south and back. Here you can see storks, pelicans, flamingos, cormorants, sea eagles, herons, cranes - just over 200 species of birds. You will have a unique opportunity to drive a special disguised transport along the picturesque lake Hula, to get as close as possible to the habitats of feathered friends, to observe the migratory birds that migrate south.
You will take beautiful photos, listen to stories and interesting facts of the specialist working in the reserve, about the migratory birds and animals living in the reserve.

In the program of this unique excursion, you will visit a place called Rosh Pina. Today in Rosh Pinn there are 2906 people. The town attracts tourists to the small historical quarter, the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries spirit, the beautiful nature and views, as well as the nearby Hula Valley.
The settlement has developed tourist infrastructure: guest houses, taverns, handicrafts and art shops. There, you’ll find out what "Sabbath" is...
There will also be free time for independent visits to art galleries and boutique shops.

For dessert, we will visit a tea and condiment farm where you can taste halva, fruit tea, various seasonings and replenish your household supplies. Or we can visit one of the most unusual places in Israel, the Amiyad Kibbutz liqueur. It’s where they make liqueurs out of berries and fruit, and even liqueurs made of thick, white and black chocolate, and other equally tasty things.

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