Wadi Celt


One of Israel’s most interesting gorges is Wadi Celt.
This canyon can be walked endlessly - it contains many mysteries and mysteries, traces of a distant life:
oases, an ancient aqueduct, abandoned reclusive cells and functioning monasteries, children of the desert and mountains and, above all, has an ideal relationship of beauty and history, archaeology and sports.
What awaits us:
We will walk through Wadi Celt Canyon (biblical Nahal Prat), see a real oasis among the desert and visit the reclusive monastery of St George. Let’s continue the descent to the Dead Sea, take a look at the last surviving Saint Anne’s Skeet Canyon in which the last true hermit of the Holy Land lives, and count dozens of Cape Damans.
Our journey will continue along the Celtic Gorge to the ruins of the Hasmonean-Irodian winter palaces, one of the most luxurious creations of King Herod’s greatest architect of Israel. The monastery of George Hozewit (St George) - this place can be talked about endlessly and look at it even longer. Here we learn the history of the foundation of the monastery, what happened in the gorge 1,500 years ago and who cooks dietary soup for the monks today.

Getting back