Berry picking

Дневная экскурсия


Israel is an amazing country. Mushrooms are here in December, and berries are there almost all year round.
Raspberries, blackberries, blackberries, blueberries, blueberries and other favorite berries in Israel can not only be bought, but also collected.
Kibbutzim and moshav gardens, in the north, centre and south of the country.
A little history and numbers.
The main areas for the self-sufficient harvesting of berries and fruits are located in Ramat a-Golan. As the most suitable climate for their ripening in Israel is situated in elevated places - at least 500 m above sea level.
The harvest usually starts in May and lasts until the end of October. Different varieties of berries and fruits mature at different times.
The cut-off procedure was not prohibited but welcomed. For a small sum it is possible to have a whole day and unlimited number of delicacies of berries and fruits. And for take-out is also possible...
Kibbutz Ein-Zivan was the first to turn a collective farm into a tourist attraction about ten years ago. Now, the kibbutz receives about 50,000 tourists every year.
Along with berries, in most farms there are additional entertainment for children, it is possible to combine the collection with riding, lasagna on ropes, visiting a living corner. And, of course, here, or next to it, to have a fresh meal from the nearest fields.
What do you need to know?

When going to the berry harvest, you should have comfortable shoes, headgear, sunscreen and water. In addition, it is recommended to have a full breakfast before going for berries in order to prevent stomach disorders, which can be caused by eating berries on an empty stomach.
National Arboretum «Les Ilanots»

In the heart of the plain Sharon grows a wonderful garden, the only one of its kind in Israel. This is the National Arboretum.
The arboretum was founded in the 1950s by scientists from the Forest Research Division of the Ministry of Agriculture.
Almost every tree has a sign, which is a tree ID card. It also has the QR code, which can be read using a mobile phone and get interesting information about this tree.
There’s a green labyrinth in the park that kids like to walk in.
Moshav Maon

Berries: Cherries
Location: Judea and Samaria
Festivals: 26:05 Grand Cherry Festival
Pick-up hours: 9:00 to 2:00
In addition: games for children, agricultural market, folk musicians, street artists and concert.
Moshav Odem

Berries: cherries, raspberries, blackberries, currants, silk
Location: Golan, north
Target date: early June to end July
Meeting hours: daily, from 8:30 to 15:30
In addition: Deer Forest with different types of reindeer living in a natural environment. You can feed and iron. Live corner, trampoline jumps. The Druze village of Masada is five minutes away
Mesek Levy (moshav Shaal)
Location: Golan, north, moshav Chaal
Berries: cherries, raspberries, currants, gooseberry
Timing: May to October
Meeting hours: Every day, except Saturday, from 8.30 to 15.00
Additional: Seasonal fruit harvesting

And also -
The Dereh Ha-pri Fruit Factory Tour Centre - Merom Golan
Cherries, additionally at the apple factory "Be-Decide" give excursions showing the process of picking and packing fruits and berries.

Brahat Ram, north of Israel
Cherries, apples

Loop, in Gush Etzion
Raspberry, mulberry, strawberry, blackberry, currant
Agronan, Gedera
Raspberry, mulberry (silkworm), strawberry, blackberry, pitango, plum, currant, strawberry, mushmula (shesec)

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