ROSH HANIKRA, Underground Acre and Bahai Gardens

Дневная экскурсия


We invite you to a wonderful excursion with a visit to the most beautiful reserve in the cliff above the sea - Rosh a Nickra, the famous Baha Gardens in Acre, a stroll through the Templar Tunnels and Crusader Knights' Halls, as well as on the streets of the ancient port city of Acre.
You will take a stroll through the Baha'i gardens, not the famous gardens in Haifa, which have been visited by many, but the less well-known ones, but the more interesting ones, are located next to Acre.

You will be able to enjoy their beauty and care, and visit the shrine of Bahá'í, the founder of the Bahá'í faith.

Then you will visit the ancient city of Acre, where you will see the inn, the tall clock tower, the Knight Hall of the Knights Hospitaller of the Order of St John, which in antiquity hosted meals and ceremonial ceremonies of the Crusaders, and numerous tunnels.
At the end of this journey you will travel to Rosh a-Nickra - a unique nature reserve in Israel, which is located right in the rocks on the Mediterranean coast of the Western Galilee. The rock itself and the seashore are a natural reserve with unique flora and fauna. It is home to flocks of bats, swallows, radishes and seagulls. Underwater labyrinths host numerous species of Mediterranean fish and other marine animals.
During the Second World War, the British penetrated a 250-metre-long tunnel from Haifa to Beirut. Today, this tunnel was turned into a cinema where you can watch a big 3D film about grottos.

The Rosh hanikra Reserve justifies its name on the fact that it contains many grottos and crevices created by karst processes - the continuous influence of sea waves on the soft cretaceous rock.
The total length of these grottoes is about 200 meters. To facilitate access to the grottos and caves, a rope road has been built on which you will descend to the grottoes and rise back.

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