Underground Jerusalem

1 day tour


We will go under the houses of the Arab quarter to see the ancient Yerushalaim Street from the time of the second temple (more than 2,000 years ago), as well as underground halls, reservoirs and ritual pools.

Touch the huge stones in the foundation of the Temple Mount and the Hasmonean aqueducts.

Descend into ancient underground tunnels of the archaeological park «City of Tsar David».

Further down the path lies an underground tunnel along the Western Wall, part of which is the famous Wailing Wall, where we will enter the atmosphere of the city of King Herod and the Hasmonean dynasty, also here we will visit the little-known chapels of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, in the dungeons of the Church of Christ and see the ancient reservoir of Hestration, which is connected with many beliefs and legends. Explore the main square and streets of the Roman city of Ilia Capitoline, which are now underground, and play the games that Roman legionnaires used to play at their leisure.

Our journey will continue to the unique cave of Zedkiyaga (comenolom of King Solomon), which served as a quarry for the construction of the Jewish Temple. The road goes on to lead us to the foundation of a tower guarding the waters of the Gihon Spring, then on a dry (or wet) road to the Shiloah Basin, and from here on tunnels under Herodian Street we will go up to the Temple Mount, repeating the path of pilgrims of antiquity.

Later we will visit the museum of excavations, look at the foundations of the Wailing Wall and we can pray at it, and after lunch in the Old City we will walk around the Jewish Quarter, see excavations of the Broad Wall of King Hizkiyag (7th century B.C.)We will walk along the Roman-Byzantine Cardo Street and see the Tomb of Tsar David on the Mount of Zion.

Getting back