Necropolis of Jerusalem

Дневная экскурсия


We will see the burial caves of the 8th century BC, go down to Guéna fire, where we will read the words of the ancient prophets. Let’s take a look at the sites of human sacrifices and walk through the Cedron Valley, where ancient monuments from the Second Temple are located. You will be able to see the true «ump of the Earth» in front of the cave of the Holy Sepulchre, as well as the scrolls from the Kumran caves displayed in the Book Temple. You will find out why the privilege of being buried on Mount of Olives is worth a million dollars, why the cave Cidkiyag was called the spears of King Solomon, and what specific animals inhabit the Biblical Zoo. Perhaps you can understand why so many people here feel the so-called Jerusalem Syndrome and begin to read prophecies…

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