Дневная экскурсия


The old city is divided into so-called quarters: Jewish, Armenian, Christian and Arab.
We will follow the last one - through the bazaar, to our first roof, which offers a wonderful view of the city and temples. If you want, we can go to one of the oldest hookah trees outside the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the way. There you can have coffee with cardamom or tea with mint and smoke a hookah.

Then we go to the Jewish Quarter, where we have the roof with the best view of the Wailing Wall. Then the road will take us to the center of the city, to the roof of the Arab market. It gives you a good view of the whole neighborhood, as well as of the crowds down there.
The final point of our walk will be the Jaffa Gate. Near them we will also climb on one of the rooftops. While you admire the unique view, we will tell you wonderful stories from the life of the city in ancient times.

We can finish our walk in the Armenian Tavern, where they prepare a delicious basturma, sudjuk and go according to the old recipes. And by the way, there’s a great cognac collection…

Getting back