ramon crater

1 day tour


We will visit one of the most beautiful and famous places of our country - crater Ramon!

Landscapes beyond the Earth will besmirch us with their beauty! We will descend into the crater to see geological phenomena such as, for example, the sawmill in the desert!!! The forest is not here and never was, there was a huge sea, so where is the sawmill? But there is!! This is the mystery, and not only will we solve it with you!

On the way to the crater (mahtesh) Ramon, we will admire the deep canyon that has tasted the ancient river Qing. Qing fed another generation of Moses, fires burned in the caves of the canyon, wild goat meat roasted, and rocks supplied silicon to the primitive man.
We’ll find out who the Nabateans are and if they’re related to the Bedouins. Well, of course, we’ll visit the alpaca farm and the llamas. The alpacas and llamas will meet us at the entrance and lead us to the guest house, where we will learn the history of the ranch. They breed alpacas for wool, which is very gentle, rare, and expensive.

Not only will we be able to feed these camel relatives, but we will also learn interesting features from the life of friendly animals, we will try to spread a rug or a blanket on a real spinner, we will see other, numerous inhabitants of the farm.

Getting back