king solomon's mines

1 Day Tour


Located 25 kilometers from Eilat in the south of the Arawa Desert, it is the greatest open-air archaeological museum.

In the center of the reserve is Mount Timna, 450 meters high.
In an area of 60 square meters, you can see the mining and processing sites of manganese, iron, copper and other minerals from the Neolithic period, as well as rocks in the form of figures of people and animals formed by nature itself. Later the Egyptians came to the valley, set up a forward military post there, began mining mining, and, in the 14th century B.C., erected the temple of the Goddess Hathor. It was the mines built by the Egyptians that were named "king solomon's mines".

Their brightest attraction is the Solomon Poles, formed by erosion in one of the rocks of Timna, which became the embodiment of the bronze columns installed by King Solomon at the entrance to the First Temple.

At nightfall, the summer season begins a light show. Mountains are painted in red-green colors, in air there are figures of light and shadows, the moon creates an additional optical effect, and a spectacle about the life of pharaohs begins. There’s music coming out of the speakers, either Oriental or desert.

In the evening, the center was opened, where archaeological finds illuminated in the dark are displayed. At night you can ride a pedal boat on the pearl of the Arawa Desert - Lake Timna, which is created by groundwater.

At the last you can sit with a glass of cold lemonade or hot coffee in the café, admiring the night scenery of the desert.

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