Дневная экскурсия


In the Israeli city of Latrun, there is a theme park «Israel in miniature», which introduces visitors to landmark architectural and historical sights of the country.
On the grounds of the park were presented models of the most outstanding and beautiful buildings of Israel, including beautiful palaces and temples, museums and theatres, as well as hotels, which are considered important architectural attractions.

There are 350 models on the territory of the park, which is notable not only for their diversity, but also for its structure. If you look at the park from the height of a bird’s flight, you can see that the paths laid in the park form an important religious symbol of the country - the Star of David. Literally, every model in the park has a secret. For example, next to a copy of the Knesset building, you can hear clear commands from the Chief of the Military Guard. Looking at the mock-up of the Taddi Stadium, one can see that the miniature fans sitting on its stands are launching «wave» and loudly cheering.

Special varieties of miniature plants were developed by the best gardeners of the planet for the purpose of building the park. They are exact replicas of plants and trees that can be seen in certain areas of the country, with a total of about 70,000 unique plants in the park.
The plants present in the park are very pleasant and it is as difficult to take care of them as it is to create surprising models. A special irrigation system for plant care in the park has been established, the total length of its water channels is 50 km…

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