Camel Farm

Camel Farm
Welcome to the camel farm in Eilat!
Here, five minutes from the bustle of the city, a fabulous oasis has been created.
The project was based on the desire to get closer to nature and adventure.
and gives you the opportunity to get away from the routine.

rancher talking...
"We turned this dream into reality with our own efforts.
In this magical corner, tens of thousands of our visitors are given the opportunity to realize their personal dreams.
Tourists come to us from all over Israel and from around the world."

at the very beginning there were only camels; over time, a rope park joined them.
The combination of authenticity and attractiveness allows you to preserve the beauty and nature, giving it a modern touch.

this is the magic that attracts visitors of different ages and cultures to the ranch.
In the spirit of the traditions of the peoples of the desert, where hospitality is an important element

Days and opening hours of the camel farm:
Winter: 8:30 - 19:00.
Summer: 8:30-13:00; 15:30- 21:00
always open

Days and hours of operation of the cable extreme park:
Winter: 10:00 – 19:00
Summer: 16:00 – 21:00
always open
Rope Extreme Park in the evening is fully illuminated by the most modern equipment, being a very impressive and unforgettable attraction.

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