Some advice to the medical tourist

Some advice to the medical tourist

Set realistic goals.
If the disease cannot be treated anywhere, most likely, Israeli medicine will not be able to help you either. Don't expect a miracle. Nowhere in the world, they still know how to raise people with advanced oncology to their feet, rejuvenate the elderly, cure severe genetic disorders, and restore the damaged spinal cord. Be realistic - then you will not have to be disappointed.

Gather information about your disease and possible treatments.
It is worth at least an approximation of the disease you are supposed to have, the kinds of treatments you use in Israeli medicine and can be offered. At a minimum, ask doctors the right questions about the intended treatment, and its advantages and disadvantages, versus other approaches.  

Don’t grab hold of your first offer.
Look carefully at Israel’s health care market - a blessing, in the offerings, no deficit. Do not limit yourself to one option - check a few. Prepare your statements, photos and medical information about your disease correctly. This will save time, certainly - money (not repeat in already conducted examinations), will allow doctors to make the most suitable for your disease, medical plan.

No one’s going to be able to read more than one or two pages of doctor scribbles. It is optimal to send a file in Word format with the text into English - doctors in any Israeli clinic will read it freely.

When receiving an offer of treatment in Israel, be sure to check who will provide you with medical services and where.
Don’t buy the company’s name - find out if it has a medical center, or if it sends patients to one of the hospitals. Specify what is the medical facility that you will be able to access with her help. Check to see if it knows what the reviews are, if there is any objective information about it on the Internet other than the company’s own site.  

Do not consider the price of treatment offered to you as final.
Treatment is a market for services. As in any market, there is competition between providers. In many cases, a substantial discount can be obtained if the appropriate arguments are found. But at the same time, be prepared that the cost of treatment may change during the examination. When you go to treatment, make sure you have a budget sufficient for any unexpected. Unfortunately, additional problems may be identified during the examination, or the preliminary diagnosis will be inaccurate, and you will need other, more expensive treatment. To be fair, sometimes the final price may be lower than the preliminary price - unless something of the plan is eventually needed. But you always must look up. At best, you just bring the money back.

Don’t be too suspicious or too gullible when you come to Israel for medical treatment.
Do not think that the Israelis are waiting for your arrival to begin immediately to rob you or are waiting for you to receive free of charge. People working in medical tourism in Israel are trying honestly to do their job and get paid for it. Crooks among them are rare, but sometimes meet, as in any country of the world and in any business. Therefore, proceed from the principle - «trust, but check». Keep your optimism, hope for the best and feel free to seek advice and help from others. Israelis may be selfish, but they are not cruel, and they will be willing to help you if you need them.


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